Research into negligible senescence

Out of the currently prevailing theories of aging, none that I know of clearly explains the difference between normally aging organisms and negligibly senescent organisms. The existence of negligible senescence obviously refutes all damage-based theories of aging. It would seem to me that finding the crucial differences between senescent and non-senescent organisms might very well READ MORE

Cell infiltration and aging?

It does rarely get mentioned, since it’s not part of the Hallmarks of Aging nor SENS types of damage. however several recent multi-omics studies have found cell infiltration in most tissues, even the brain. most known are immune cell infiltration and adipocyte infiltration, but probably there are others as well? so what are your READ MORE

Just launched:

Just launched: The set of aging-related podcasts grew a lot recently w/ launches of Longevity Biotech Show, Translating Aging, Foresight’s & BioVerge’s. Worthy of being a list now. Good stuff that can be listened to while walking, driving, cycling, exercising, cooking, etc. Great way to ramp up knowledge of the field of aging/longevity or READ MORE