Is TRT the Male Equivalent to HRT?

When you search online for “hormone replacement therapy,” or HRT, the results commonly refer to treatments for women going through menopause who are experiencing hot flashes or other symptoms associated with fluctuating estrogen levels. Men going through a similar phase, often called andropause, can also get hormone therapy—called testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Is there a READ MORE

Creating a Research group to study and try to solve the ageing problem.

I am an Senior Undergad CS Student. I want to create a Research group where we can all share Inputs and different outlooks towards trying solving this Goal one experiment at a time. Learning together about unique and different domains and trying experiments ourselves and as a group, implementing research papers etc. and formulating legitimate READ MORE

Clearance of Senescent Cells Improves Immune Cell Function in the Aged Brain

Immune cells resident to the brain become more activated and inflammatory with age. Researchers have found that at least some of these cells are senescent, generating inflammatory signaling. Clearing these cells via senolytic therapies, such as the well-established dasatinib and quercetin combination, reduces inflammation and markers of neurodegeneration in mice. In the study here, researchers READ MORE

Alzheimer’s Disease as Innate Autoimmunity

The failure of amyloid-β clearance via immunotherapy to produce benefits in Alzheimer’s disease patients has spurred a great deal of theorizing, attempts to find a new way forward. Most researchers, from a survey of the field, continue to believe that amyloid-β aggregation is an important contributing factor in at least the early development of Alzheimer’s. READ MORE

Mr. Beast

We should get Mr. Beast on board. Tweet, comment and post at him. Let’s try to get Mr. Beast to join the longevity cause! submitted by /u/ANKI-MASTER [link] [comments]

Your Journey into Longevity?

Hey friends- Jake from here. We want to better understand the path that has led people to the longevity space. To better understand this and to ask some related questions, I would love to interview you about your own journey! (Your time will be compensated, see info below) I’m looking for two groups of READ MORE

Commentary on Old Age in the International Classification of Diseases

The world of medicine and medical research is regulated to the point of extreme dysfunction. Regulation determines the flows of funding in the clinic, which in turn determines priorities for research and development. To swim against the tide is significantly harder than to go along with it, and this has a material effect on the READ MORE

Targeting the Gut Microbiome to Treat Aging

The distribution of microbial populations making up the gut microbiome changes with age in ways that are harmful to health, causing a reduction in production of beneficial metabolites and an increase in chronic inflammation. Animal studies make it clear that some approaches to restoring a more youthful gut microbiome, such as fecal microbiota transplantation from READ MORE