Exercise Lowers Markers of Inflammation in Older Individuals

Researchers here note that structured exercise programs can reduce the burden of chronic inflammation in older individuals, a desirable outcome. The study is a reminder that being sedentary has a cost. Too little exercise and a lack of physical fitness in later life produces harmful consequences such as a raised level of chronic inflammation, and READ MORE

Bifidobacterium Longum in the Aging Gut Microbiome

This research is a representative example of ongoing efforts to better understand changes in the gut microbiome with age, identifying how and why specific microbial species are either protective or harmful to health. The gut microbiome is responsible for generating a range of helpful metabolites, but can also interact with tissues and the immune system READ MORE

Philososciencing: Can We End Aging? Should We?

This is a Twitch stream that talks about science and society topics, they’re talking about aging at 9 EST tonight: https://www.twitch.tv/philososcienceing submitted by /u/ohsnapitsnathan [link] [comments]

Proposing a Liver Amyloid Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease

The earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease are characterized by increasing aggregation of misfolded amyloid-β, but there is considerable debate over the role played by amyloid-β in the onset and progression of the condition. The failure of amyloid-clearing immunotherapies to improve patient outcomes has spurred a great deal of alternative theorizing, some of which regards amyloid-β READ MORE

The big skincare debate: Entertaining versus efficacious skincare

From the days of its very early research, one skincare delivery device brand, RÃduit, has seen two very clear yet contrasting skincare shoppers dominate demands and therefore decisions for innovation, invention and investment: those who want interesting trend-based products and those who crave results.