YAP Upregulation as a Potentially Broad Basis for Cancer Therapies

The future of cancer therapy, and ultimately an end to cancer, will be built atop mechanisms that are as close to universal as possible, such as inhibition of telomere lengthening, or that are relevant to a large fraction of cancers, such as the example noted here. Only broadly applicable mechanisms allow for the cost-effective development READ MORE

Treating Aging as a Medical Condition Should Long Have Been a Priority

Aging kills most people in the world, and near all people in the wealthier parts of the world. It doesn’t just kill, but also produces decades of declining health and capabilities, increased pain and suffering. Addressing the causes of aging, uncovering the mechanisms of aging and treating them, should have been the top priority in READ MORE

Innovations in Color Cosmetics: 2021 made makeup more sustainable

So far, the year has seen Sun Chemical acquire the Colors & Effects business from BASF, the launch of Be A 10 Cosmetics, biotech company Amyris buying and launching color brands, Coty taking Kyle Cosmetics vegan, and more. But recent headlines about makeup in 2021 highlight the categoryâs shift to sustainable packaging.

Cellular Senescence in Lung Fibrosis

Senescent cells accumulate in tissues throughout the body with age. The produce inflammatory sections that actively maintain a disrupted state of tissue maintenance, structure, and function. Targeted removal of senescent cells has produced rejuvenation in mice, reversal of measures of aging and the progression of numerous age-related conditions. One of the ways in which tissue READ MORE